epta age, skin aging



EPTADERM has formulated the EPTA AGE line, a targeted approach to help fight and reduce the signs of skin aging, giving elasticity and firmness to the skin, which will regain a healthy and bright appearance.

The EPTA AGE line was formulated to tackle the issue of skin aging and to slow down the appearance of signs of aging.

Thanks to the innovative DNA-AGE technology and the optimal concentration of carefully selected active ingredients, EPTA AGE products stimulate the skin’s natural defense mechanisms and provide new elasticityand firmness.

The skin will appear firmer, healthier and more radiant.

EPTA AGE is a line suitable for all skin types, perfectly tolerated and ideal for providing the skin with the care and attention it needs every day.

EPTA AGE line includes this products:

Thanks to Swiss rigor in product manufacturing, ingredient selection, and compliance with the strictest regulations, EPTADERM offers patients safe and effective solutions.