EPTADERM has developed EPTA VTLG, which, thanks to its formulation, protects the skin from oxidative stress and stimulates melanin synthesis, providing the skin with all the elements needed. Furthermore, its airless system optimally preserves its precious formula and texture.

Carefully studied and formulated for pigment deficiency problems, EPTA VTLG is the effective and targeted solution to provide the skin with all components needed.

Thanks to its complex of active ingredients, EPTA VTLG is able to stimulate the production of melanin and protect the skin from oxidative stress.Its precious emulsion is protected by the airless system, which preserves the efficacy of the formula.
On its own or in combination with pharmacological therapies or in combination with UV treatments,
EPTA VTLG offers an effective response to skin hypopigmentation.

EPTA VTLG line includes this product:

Thanks to Swiss rigor in product manufacturing, ingredient selection, and compliance with the strictest regulations, EPTADERM offers patients safe and effective solutions.